It was close — for liberals, too close. And that closeness is reflective of an uncomfortable truth: had Trump done just a few things differently, he really would have won. And in particular, if Trump had stopped trying to wish away the pandemic, and started leading us through it, we’d quite likely have a second Trump term today.

American voters are not as fickle as the horserace polling outfits seem to imply they are. …

I’m a big fan of historical cycles; they help give a contour to the human experience. In a manner, they’re like seasons: never definitive, yet very real, experiences that we can use to both literally and metaphorically sow and harvest our crops.

And if history is like seasons, we’re in winter, possibly coming to its darkest point.

Credit is where credit’s due: this metaphor is heavily borrowed from the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory, which posits that history goes in generational cycles from a High to a Crisis, driven by generational dynamics best explained at this here link. …

Judge Amy Comey Barrett will almost assuredly be confirmed, replacing the Supreme Court’s most liberal justice Ruth Beta Ginsburg with someone who could well be one of its most conservative. For many, there are justifiable worries that Barrett will create a 5–4 conservative majority able to finally overcome those moments when Chief Justice John Roberts, himself appointed by George W. Bush, decides to side with the liberal wing. With this 5–4 majority, Republicans will be able to sue their way to gutting abortion rights, gay marriage, and other liberal social justice wins of the past half-century.

I’m not quite so…

Almost assuredly, they’ll have to pivot to something. But will it stay loyal to Trump?

On November 4, 2020, Fox News might have to reckon with a (possibly massive) Trump defeat. Will that be the day that the chickens come home to roost, Sean Hannity apologizes (or is fired), and Fox News, shorn of its presidential champion and harried by the liabilities of his defeat, suddenly dumps Trump? Or will Fox become the haven of a Trump government-in-exile, railing about how the election was stolen for them for years to come?

Assuredly, Fox News will pivot — but to what, exactly, is an open question. Does it really want to remain the megaphone for a…

For illustrative purposes only.

Today, Fort Grant, Arizona, is a men’s state prison. But underneath the visitor’s parking, local legends hold that a paved-over hatch hides a depraved military secret — a hidden era of Arizona’s brief flirtation with the Nazi occult. The ‘Kids’ Lab’, as it is often called by prison staff, supposedly held children taken from the Japanese internment camp at Gila River and unwanted children with severe disabilities from Phoenix and Tuscon’s hospitals. None were ever seen again.

The prison’s cells often echo with the cries of never-seen children, according to many who have stayed there. Staff assiduously avoid the parking…

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On April 30, CIDRAP published a handy, broad-based scenario guide for what the rest of 2020’s pandemic might look. It broke the future into three scenarios: a “peaks and valleys” scenario, a “Spanish Flu 2 massive wave” scenario, and a “slow burn” scenario — all of which still seem viable right now.

I can’t go into the epidemiology of the three scenarios and how accurate they might be; that’s really someone else’s job. …

Let’s take a look at some positive and negative qualities of Biden and Trump, and then do an examination below as to which is the stronger of the two

Even Texas is grey with polls acting the way they are this year. (Source: RealClearPolitics)

Rightly or wrongly, Americans don’t trust the polling numbers for 2020 this far out. Maps like those below from RealClearPolitics simply make it ever harder to figure out who is ahead and who might stay that way as November 2020 comes barreling our way.

When numbers fail, qualitative analysis fills the gap. And in that sense, we can say that Biden has a clear, but not infallible, edge.

Let’s take a look at some positive and negative qualities of Biden and Trump, and then do an examination below as to which is the stronger of the two.

Biden — what he’s good at and what he’s not

His record: A former VP of a popular ex-president

Biden can count…

What a time to be alive. The libertarian right is suddenly rediscovering their balls after years of watching the GOP’s steady entrenchment of presidential power under Trump. And their memes are here to tell you — tyranny is upon us!

Perhaps you’ve seen some of these floating around your social media newsfeed, or at least seen a version of them. You may ask, how do I know these are specifically libertarian memes? Well, like all memes, ownership is fluid — but I will say I did take them from popular posts in libertarian Facebook groups and Reddit. Even if the…

In Arizona’s modern history, the rich often become richer. With wealth comes vanity, and vanity creates its own dark energy. For such folks, the wonders of modern medicine have stayed the hand of wrinkles and sagging. But a few, especially in the mid-1980s in posh Scottsdale, found themselves the unwitting source material for a mad plastic surgeon determined to use their conceit to access what he believed was another reality.

In the 1980s, Arizona’s Scottsdale was a bubbling community of wealth and privilege, with Shea Boulevard acting as an informal red line between the white and wealthy of the north…

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